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Tapered Roller bearings-Why Choose Us
  • The quality of our products can replace some of the well-known brand, but the price is cheaper than them.
  • Bearing steel supplier is the same as SKF bearing steel supplier in China.
  • Sophisticated inspection equipment,including hardness, profile, length, roundness,material analysis,metallurgical analysis,etc., ensuring the stability of product quality.
  • Our tapered roller bearings including inch size and metric size. The factory located in China bearing industry center , upstream and downstream industry chain is completely, faster delivery time.
  • Bearings can transit from Malaysia if you need , avoiding bearing Anti-dumping duty for some countries.
  • Free samples available, can produce according to customer's drawings. Free flight tickets if you are plan to visit our factory. (Flight ticket cost will be deducted from your first container order, limit one person round-trip ticket.)
  • Engaged in bearing industry nearly 30 years , has a wealth of bearings knowledge and trade experience.
Customers Reviews

"We have done cooperation with HRT about two years , we are a bearing distributor and have chosen many suppliers in china before , but there is always a problem for the quality, therefore we lost customers. On a exhibiton, saw the HRT bearings product, feel they do the bearing business is very mature, then went to visit their factory, production equipment and inspection equipment are more perfect.We ordered 1 container firstly, began to try our cooperation , when our customer received these products, they are appreciated with the quality,which is better than before, but the prices is lower, then we expanded our cooperation with HRT , now about 8 containers every month."
-Joseph Cornett

"We are a bearing manufacturer, since the cost of production problems in our country , want a chinese factory to produce bearings for us, find HRT via google, began to cooperate with hrt. We need to pruduce the bearings according to our own drawings, have cooperated with other factory before, but always can not reach our drawings. When with HRT, their engineers very carefully studied our drawings and also give us some suggestion, fully meet our requirements. With HRT external processing, product quality not only meets our requirements, but the cost is reduced. we intend to cooperate with HRT to produce our another bearing series."