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Double-Row taper roller bearings

Double row or two row tapered roller bearing is double outer ring and two single inner ring. Such design is for general industrial and automotive applications such configurations are available.

HRT Can produce TDI type and TDO type.

TDI bearing consists of a double row inner unity and two single outer ring. Usually with a complete bearing outer ring spacers to adjust the pre-clearance. These bearings can be used on a rotating shaft fixed end.

Applications: Gear units,Crane,Calender rolls,Industrial machinery and equipment.

TDO bearing structure provide sufficient effective span, so that when a major load, the overturning moment, which is often used type of bearings. TDO bearings can be used in a fixed position, or a hole in the bearing axially floating.

Design Features:

Dual outer ring and two single inner ring, some with spacers, and some with no spacers.
When using a spacer, the bearing as a pre-adjusted to match the supply of good sets of combinations.
On the outer diameter with lubrication groove and lubrication holes.
Supply spacers, you can with a lubrication groove and lubrication holes, or not belt.

Applications: heavy-duty gear drives, various industrial configurations.

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